Gexpo: Fueling fashion innovation at Tashkeela exhibition with over 100 Saudi brands

April 03, 2024

Gexpo for Events and Conferences, renowned for its unparalleled quality, experience, and professional prowess, recently played a pivotal role in the successful launch of the inaugural “Tashkeela” Exhibition. This significant event, prominently featuring over 100 Saudi brands, unfolded meticulously over four days at the Riyadh Front Exhibition Center, organized in collaboration with the Fashion Commission.

The company achieved great success by catering to the satisfaction of over 190 participants, including Saudi fashion designers from the “Saudi 100 Brands Mentoring Program,” alongside other designers from Arab and international backgrounds. With attendance surpassing 30,000 visitors, the exhibition opened wide horizons for participants, allowing them to delve into diverse international fashion landscapes. This facilitated an essential exchange of experiences and knowledge, crucial for honing their skills and talents within the world of fashion design.

Gada Al-Rashid, Co-Founder of Gexpo, highlighted the company’s extensive experience in managing and organizing pivotal events and conferences in the fashion sector. Noteworthy among these are the “Ana Arabiya” exhibition, held during the Riyadh Season for the past three years, and the “Saudi 100 Brands Ramadan Pop-Up” exhibition, organized by the Fashion Commission during Ramadan 2023. These events have garnered remarkable success and acclaim from the media, clients, participants, and attendees alike, showcasing Gexpo’s ability to deliver exceptional experiences.

Boasting a distinguished team adept in designing and executing fashion-related events, alongside significant logistical service expertise, Gexpo has established strategic partnerships with leading global companies in the field. This has positioned Gexpo as a key player in the beauty and fashion events industry, offering unique services that resonate both locally and internationally. The company’s commitment to executing events and exhibitions with skill, professionalism, and high precision is evident in its efforts to align with the vision and aspirations of their clients and partners to international standards.

Gada Al-Rashid emphasized the company’s unwavering pursuit of excellence in service quality and efficiency. This dedication has propelled Gexpo to participate in significant and distinguished projects, such as the organization and execution of the Riyadh Fashion Week over four days in October last year. This event marked a significant milestone in the company’s journey, enhancing its ability to strive confidently towards excellence, leadership, and a unique approach in its operational execution. The company’s adherence to the highest global quality and professionalism standards is a testament to the vibrant momentum Riyadh is experiencing at all levels. Thus, quality, creativity, and professionalism are the hallmarks of Gexpo’s work, significantly contributing to enhancing Riyadh’s status as a hub for fashion and elegance enthusiasts.

In conclusion, Al-Rashid affirmed that Gexpo draws inspiration, passion, and ambition from the vision of Saudi Arabia’s 2030 Vision, spearheaded by Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, Crown Prince. The company is committed to effectively contributing to establishing Saudi Arabia as the premier global destination for various events, especially those related to the fashion and design sector. This commitment resonates deeply, as Gexpo transforms dreams into reality, leaving a lasting impact on the fashion scene.

April 03, 2024
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