Sussex team to join NASA’s galaxy probe project

March 27, 2024
A view of space showing stars and planets. — courtesy NASA
A view of space showing stars and planets. — courtesy NASA

HOUSTON — The University of Sussex team will investigate the formation of planetary systems

Scientists in Sussex have secured a significant grant to become the UK lead on a NASA space research project.

A University of Sussex team has been selected by the UK Space Agency as part of a £7m investment in space research.

The scientists will be working on developments for a potential probe mission to investigate the formation of planetary systems and the evolution of galaxies.

A university spokesperson said its team had demonstrated "scientific excellence in critical areas of space science and exploration technology".

The UK Space Agency funding is to enable scientists and engineers to play a role in major global space science missions in partnership with other space agencies around the world.

The Sussex team will be taking the lead in the project alongside scientists from Cardiff, London and Oxfordshire.

It comes as another Sussex-based research group is working with NASA on a mission to search for water on one of Jupiter’s moons.

Rosemary Coogan, a University of Sussex astrophysics alumna, is set to become the UK’s third astronaut, following her selection by the European Space Agency as an astronaut trainee in 2022.

Seb Oliver, professor of astrophysics at the University of Sussex, said: "The UK has an amazing track record in developing new space technology and providing data analysis that allows astronomers to see processes in galaxies, stars and planetary systems that would otherwise be hidden to conventional optical telescopes.

"We are very excited to start work with our US partners on developing exceptional space mission concepts.” — BBC

March 27, 2024
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