Saudi Arabia leads global dialogue on space debris with 50 countries participating

February 11, 2024
Saudi Arabia hosted on Sunday a pivotal conference addressing the global challenge of space debris.
Saudi Arabia hosted on Sunday a pivotal conference addressing the global challenge of space debris.

Saudi Gazette report

RIYADH — Saudi Arabia hosted on Sunday a pivotal conference addressing the global challenge of space debris.

Organized by the Saudi Space Agency under the slogan "Towards Securing the Future of the Global Space Economy," the event took place in Riyadh on Sunday.

It saw the participation of over 50 countries, 260 experts and speakers, and numerous CEOs from the leading entities in the space sector worldwide.

The conference was held in the presence of Eng. Abdullah Al-Sawaha, the minister of communications and technology and chairman of the Saudi Space Agency's Board of Directors, along with the agency's CEO, Dr. Muhammad Al-Tamimi.

In his opening address, Dr. Al-Tamimi underscored the urgent necessity to tackle the escalating issue of space debris, highlighting its significant risks to spacecraft safety and humanity's ongoing endeavors in space exploration.

He noted the critical situation caused by tens of thousands of space debris fragments orbiting the Earth, emphasizing the imperative for immediate action.

Dr. Al-Tamimi lauded the spirit of international cooperation, pointing out the conference as a prime example of global collaboration.

He praised the Kingdom's proactive steps, through the Saudi Space Agency, in spearheading efforts to enhance such cooperation, adopt best practices, and leverage modern technologies to mitigate space debris.

He urged all conference participants — leaders, experts, and stakeholders — to share their experiences and insights to forge effective solutions and strategies in the field of space debris management.

Dr. Al-Tamimi expressed his hope for a safer and more sustainable future in space exploration.

The conference featured four dialogue sessions and three keynote speeches focusing on legislative initiatives, future strategies to tackle the repercussions of space debris, and innovative solutions for risk elimination and planetary protection.

It also included an exhibition showcasing the latest in space technologies and sciences, offered by both local and international companies, aiming to increase awareness of space debris dangers and the technological advancements aiding in this global challenge.

The event's primary goal is to raise awareness about the space debris issue and develop a comprehensive strategy to ensure a secure and prosperous future for space exploration.

The Kingdom is committed to creating a detailed action plan, discussing legislation and policies, fostering research and innovation, and establishing effective international mechanisms and governance to address and reduce the impact of space debris.

February 11, 2024
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