'Politicized movements...' What do they want and where did they reach?

October 16, 2023
'Politicized movements...' What do they want and where did they reach?

Jameel Altheyabi

These days, the disease has worsened and the severity of cold and leprosy has risen in the hearts of those who hate Saudi Arabia. These people believe that their crude comments on social media sites will dictate their “Ikhwani” and “revolutionary” positions to influence a big country like Saudi Arabia, which is solid with its policies and historical positions.

Also, the Kingdom does neither wait for the testimonies of others nor care about the stupid opinions of those who resort to slogan-mongering.

This disease is not new. Rather, it has been haunting those who hate the Kingdom for decades, and this has been renewed over the past few days through their floundering positions regarding what is happening in the Gaza Strip between Hamas and Israel since Oct. 7.

Unfortunately, it is not the disease of hatred, envy, and backward ideology alone, but rather it is also the deliberate disregard for the established positions of Saudi Arabia, its leaders and people, as well as its political history, and its philosophy of governance ever since its inception.

These malicious people believe that shuffling the cards after any Palestinian-Israeli confrontation could be an opportunity to target Saudi Arabia and try to distort its image by launching false, malicious and cheap campaigns, claiming that the Oct. 7 attack is an urgent necessity to stop peace talks and reject any efforts to resolve the crisis.

Saudi Arabia is making its endeavors on the Palestine issue in accordance with what the Crown Prince and Prime Minister Mohammed Bin Salman linked to explicit conditions on several occasions. The most prominent of which is that Israel should make concessions that will ease the lives of the Palestinians, and inch towards the two-state solution that was stipulated in the Arab Peace Initiative and international legitimacy resolutions.

Why all this screaming and wailing? The answer is simple, because those who scream and throw accusations and insults are “Brotherhood” versions who are known under several names. It is an open matter that no one can deny except those who throw dust in the eye.

As long as the “Brotherhood” continues its attempts to go against Saudi Arabia, launch raids against it, and blame every problem on it, let them realize that the Saudis are capable of confronting their harassment and fabrications, and refuting their falsehood and lies.

No one would hesitate to condemn and reject the Israeli response in terms of collective punishment towards the people of Gaza, but there are “politicized movements” that want to hijack the Arab street into the “hell” of crises and “uncalculated” adventures, to open new pages of devastation and more losses and killings, by raising slogans of sympathy and “populist revolution.”

It is certain that Saudi Arabia is firm in its positions towards the core Arab issue and its loyalty to the Palestinian people, and is committed to preserve the Islamic sanctities and the Palestinian territories. This is a position that will not be changed either by immediate interests or by cheap political gains. Saudi Arabia will continue to adhere to the terms set by the Arab Peace Initiative, approved by the Beirut Arab Summit, for the exchange of peace for land through returning the Arab land to the Palestinians on the borders of 1967.

Saudi Arabia has been committed to one consistent position with regard to establishing peace in the Middle East since its founder King Abdul Aziz met with US President Eisenhower after World War II. This is a position embodied in the condemnation of the Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people by the weekly sessions of the Saudi Council of Ministers.

This is a record steadfastness on a political and diplomatic position that is rarely seen in any other countries of the world. This is because as far as Saudis are concerned, the issue is a principle, and not something that’s of material interest or for cheap political gain.

It must be remembered that Saudi Arabia was the first country to make a clarion call and showed utmost keenness on settling the rift between Gaza and Ramallah, and to put the Palestinian house in order from within, which is still divided. They all took an oath in front of the Holy Kaaba to achieve reconciliation between them as well as to focus on their true cause.

Despite the loftiness of the scene, the nobility of the destination, and the holiness of the place, Hamas was quick to violate the agreement and perpetuate the Palestinian-Palestinian dispute, until it reached the stage where it has reached today, which led to the destruction of the people of Gaza.

Saudi Arabia’s policies towards political Islam groups such as the Brotherhood and Lebanese Hezbollah are not merely based on reports or rumors but after suffering the evil and criminality of the machinations of these groups. The Kingdom paid heavy price for these evils with bloodshed of innocent lives, colossal devastation, and the targeting of its people, as well as its security, large economy, and its infrastructure.

The “Brotherhood” and their cliques, aides, and similar armed gangs, including Sunnis and Shiites, believe that Saudis have a “fish memory” as it does not understand the lessons and does not learn lessons from the past. They want Riyadh to jump over these intersections to make impetuous decisions that match with their subversive policies.

Otherwise, they have no choice but to betray, insult, and stab in the chest and back. We must not forget that the steadfastness of Saudi policy on its principles and positions thwarted the attempts of the “Brotherhood” and its affiliated terrorist entities and organizational fronts to penetrate into Saudi Arabia.

What is certain is that crises are a new opportunity to reveal the intentions and the hatred and malice in the hearts of the sleeper cells and the fifth column towards Saudi Arabia. In the past days those ugly faces have been revealed, but the memory of the Saudis is “vigilant” and they will teach lessons again to those who trespass on their country. The Saudi records and its positions are bright white, and brighter than those who try to hurl or distort it with cheap phrases or outdated “nationalist” or “Ikhwan” slogans.

October 16, 2023
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